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New Stylish High Heels!

I was out shopping today and decided to take a stroll through the shoe section. I wear high heels constantly (at work, on the weekends, running...

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Men`s Workplace Fashion!

Selecting the correct style to suit your workplace is important - it sets the tone for how you present yourself and how others can and will perceive...

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Tropical Drink in Key...

One of my favorite places to visit on vacation (or even for a weekend trip since I live so close!) is Key West! There are so many amazing restaurants...

6 months ago 2 21.14 95

Green Tea Kit Kat!

I live just down the road from Disney World so I often spend my weekends there enjoying the parks. The Flower and Garden Festival just wrapped up at...

7 months ago 6 26.34 113

Clinique Haul!

I recently went to Macy`s to restock my favorite face powder when I saw they were doing one of their amazing promotions. If you spent $27, you got a...

7 months ago 3 16.54 71

Cucumber Sliders!

I`m always on the hunt for yummy and delicious recipes and snacks, so when I first heard of cucumber sliders, I was interested. They`re super simple...

7 months ago 4 17.46 75

Vegan Cupcakes!

On my most recent venture to Orlando, a friend recommended we stop to get dessert after an amazing Thai dinner. We ended up a tiny little place...

8 months ago 4 14.42 61

Banana Republic Haul!

Last week I made a trip to Banana Republic with my boyfriend so that he could get some new office clothes for his new job (he recently lost 60 pounds...

8 months ago 2 6.92 30

Cute Handmade Fox!

As my previous posts point out, I drove 1300 miles a couple weeks ago to visit my boyfriend and we took a trip to visit friends in Hoboken, right...

8 months ago 4 5.72 25

Thai Food!

I love spicy and savory foods and Thai food is absolutely perfect to satisfy both desires. This past week, I went out for Thai food on more than once...

8 months ago 8 36.56 158

Delicious Nutella Crepe!

This past week, I drove 1300 miles to visit my family and boyfriend back home. My boyfriend and I ended up taking a trip to see some friends who live...

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Baseball Accessories!

I have to admit... I`ve never liked baseball. I`ve never seen an entire game. I`ve just never been interested. BUT. My boyfriend is a huge fan. ...

8 months ago 7 48.98 211

Statement Jewelry!

While I was out running errands today, I stumbled across the jewelry section. Now, most of my statement jewelry comes from places like Express,...

10 months ago 3 7.22 30

Balsamic Caprese Salad!

One of my favorite post-work meals to make lately has been a nice balsamic-based caprese salad. It`s fresh, super simple, and absolutely delicious!...

10 months ago 4 5.52 23

Chocolate-Covered Fruit...

While grocery shopping the other day, I dangerously crossed the chocolate aisle. I`m extremely good at not buying junk foods, but something about...

10 months ago 4 18.56 79

Organizing Jewelry!

I have spent the past couple weeks going through my closets and getting rid of shoes, clothes, and accessories. A few times a year I like to really...

10 months ago 7 9.24 38

Starbucks Treat!

I`ve been a Starbucks gold member for 3 years now, but for some reason, I just haven`t been keeping up with it this year. So, in order to maintain my...

10 months ago 2 4.90 20

Homemade Vase!

I`ve had quite an ugly vase sitting on my floor near my TV for a couple years and I finally decided to get rid of it and try my hand at crafting my...

10 months ago 4 4.48 18

Leftover Candy Canes? Make...

Without a doubt, every year after the holidays, I`m left over with a bunch of candy canes. I never buy them myself... they just... appear. And so...

10 months ago 2 4.88 19

Vinyl Records!

A few weeks ago for Christmas, my amazing boyfriend bought me a record player (check it out at...